Oktober 2010


    Calibre One Q3 Technology investment ecosystem review released

    The new and expanded Calibre One Index for Q3 Tech investments is now ready to view. As well as covering VC investments made in technology firms, there are now two further sections of the Index. ‘Executive moves’ provides a review of some of the key leadership moves in technology firms in Europe and North America whilst ‘Exits’ is a summary of the disclosed exits in this space. Calibre One feels this provides a more holistic view of the technology investment…


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    MeinSportplatz (MySportsfield) is a sports community focussed on endurance sports, such as running, biking and swimming. Besides common social networking features, which allow members of the community to present themselves and to interact with…

  • News

    Interview with Iain Dodsworth, CEO of Tweetdeck

    Interesting read. The Up Group, an elite, pre-screened talent network of high-flyers, both companies and individuals, regularely published interviews with some first classe CEOs, which you should not miss, like: Ian Dodsworth, CEO Tweetdeck…