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    Fashion Insider hits 1.000.000 visits

    Fashion Insider Magazine, one of Germany´s most popular online fashion magazines reached the milestone of 1.000.000 Visits and surpassed 2.500.000 Page Impressions. Since its launch in late 2008 close to 6.000 articles have been published and the Fashion Insider team is present in most major events in Europe and also attended Colombiamoda, the main fashion event of South America, happening in Medellin in Colombia, this year. We are really excited to see Fashion Insider futher evolving to the leading Fashion…


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    Fashion Insider Magazine set for further growth

    The Fashion Insider Magazine, which entered the Top10 of German Fashion Blogs in February 2011 for the first time and answered more than 1500 fashion questions with its iPhone App, has prepared for further…

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    Fashion Insider is launching new fashion question service

    Fashion Insider now offers a question and answer service „Modefragen“ for all Fashionistas. Asking questions and answering questions is free and just requires a short registration. All questions will be feeded into a Twitter-Account,…