Ace Ventures at the Multimedia Congress for Entrepreneurs

Ace Ventures will be an active participant of this year’s Multimedia Congress for Entrepreneurs, which will be held on 12th May at the KOSMOS in Berlin. The Federal Ministry of Economy and Technology (BMWi) presents and awards promising startups within the IT- and multimedia industry and provides a platform for young entrepreneurs to get in touch with investors, venture capitalists and successful business owners.

Florian Fodermeyer from Ace Ventures will be taking an active part and sharing coaching expertise by hosting a panel discussion about successful strategies when you want to go from university into the industry. Some of the questions that will be discussed will cover the following areas:

Personality, business model or financing – what is most important when you start from scratch?
What kind of coaching is vital in the early stages of a startup?
Where does the money come from and do you need money at all?

Among the speakers within this panel will be successful business owners, professional coaches as well as venture capitalists:

Prof. Dr. Thomas Lang-von Wins, Shareholder of PerformPartner GbR
Dr. Jürgen Anke, Founder and CEO of ubigrate GmbH
Robert Langer, Founders Consultant of Gründungsinitiative Dresden exist
Thomas Schröter, CEO of eventurecat and Board member of Association of IT-Industry in Berlin Brandenburg (SIBB e.V.)

Ace Ventures is very glad to be able to share experiences with entrepreneurs, business owners and investors at this event and add our 2 cents to the world of entrepreneurship in Germany.

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