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Calibre One quarterly transatlantic tech investment review released

Tech-Investments-ChartThe Calibre One Index is a complementary, quarterly research report detailing early stage technology investments in the US and Europe. It is compiled by Calibre One,the leading technology executive search firm. The Index for Q2 2010 is now ready to view.

The number of tech investments across the EMEA region was well-down this quarter, though some big funding rounds ensured that the average investment improved over the second quarter of 2010. The recovery of the M&A and IPO markets in EMEA and the US will hopefully improve sentiment and allow some of the region’s VCs to close new funds which should improve these figures going forward.

Whilst investment levels in the US were down on Q1, the market remains very buoyant, and we are seeing a lot of US companies looking to invest in building their international operations.

Klick here to read the report.

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