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Ace Ventures supports Carfrogger

Carfrogger is the new platform for Car Wrapping in Germany. Carfrogger is developing the fascinating market of Car Wrapping by meeting the needs of millions of car owners in respect of individuality, protection and value enhancement. Carfrogger provides tools, information as well as expert advice on all aspects of Car Wrapping design and the Car Wrapping process.

Carfrogger combines Car Wrapping in specialist wrap shops with all the advantages of a modern online platform supported by an online community. When founded in early 2012 Carfrogger set itself the goal of becoming the market leader, both online and offline, in the German Car Wrapping market. Carfrogger GmbH based in Berlin, is led by its CEO Anton von Rueden.

Ace Ventures supports Carfrogger in an interim management consulting role to support marketing and sales to speed up the Carfrogger launch across Germany.

We will share some pictures from Carfroggers first Wrap Shop located in Berlin on Youtube.

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