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Liviato offers Podcast to listen to book abstracts for free

In order to promote its service to read free book abstracts on Liviato, the berlin-based Start-Up released a Podcast today to let people listen to the book extracts of the most popular books on iTunes. Users can subscribe to receive new episodes for free and to stay updated with the latest literature without reading all books.

Liviato is also giving away books for free to the Twitter Community every week.

Liviato was launched in April 2010 and generated more than 2500 book abstracts so far from its community of book enthusiasts. The market leader, GetAbstract, which was launched in 1999, claims to offer more than 5000 book abstracts and to add 50 new book abstracts a month. If the activity levels of the Liviato community stays on past levels, Liviato should surpass GetAbstract in the number of offered book abstracts by the end of 2010.

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